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Upcoming Events

Any details of future workshops and events will be posted here. In the meantime why not look at the options below for personalised workshops delivered at a venue of your choice? I am happy to run workshops from your home or for sports clubs, social clubs, schools or in the workplace for example.

I found it really useful to understand why I make some food choices and enjoyed being challenged to eat in a new way. Being in a group really encouraged honesty and engagement in the session!​​
Corrina, Hull July 2017

I attended a work shop at Louise's home for a group of my friends. I loved the relaxed and welcoming setting and the small personalised group. I really enjoyed the hands on exercises rather than it just being a lecture or discussion​.
​Louise, Hull July 2017

Mindfulness Workshops

Periodically, I run workshops from the Community Centre in Wickersley on a Saturday morning. These are not always at a convenient time for some people and so I am happy to run workshops from my home for groups of 4-6 people. Or at a venue of your choice as a guest speaker. In this way I can tailor the workshop to your specific needs. Popular workshops are listed below, but I am open to suggestions:

A Mindful Approach to Food

​A Mindful Approach to School and Exams

​An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

​A Mindful Approach to the Menopause

​Why not check out the testimonials below to find out more?

​​Workshop Testimonials

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