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​The new you starts here!

I offer a regular drop-in clinic at the community centre in Wickersley, on a Saturday, should you like to discover more about how I could help you.
In addition to this,  I also deliver courses on adopting a mindful approach to life and an introduction to hypnotherapy, stress relief and mindfulness to local schools and businesses.

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Louise Oliver Hypnotherapy Health and Wellbeing

Louise Oliver Hypnotherapy Health and Wellbeing offers personalised caring support for a wide range of therapeutic and coaching needs. An initial telephone consultation, at my expense, will help me to get an understanding of how I can best tailor therapy to support you in reaching your goals, or regaining your health. I use a combination Of CBT, NLP, mindfulness and coaching alongside hypnotherapy to give a fully comprehensive and specially tailored form of treatment. Each client is treated on a completely individual and personalised basis; no two treatment programmes are the same. Most clients are amazed at the level of understanding they have of themselves at the end of a course of treatment and this really helps people to take control of their lives.

I am based in Bramley in Rotherham within easy access of the M18 and M1.  Clients usually come to my home for treatment, where I have a comfortable, specialist therapy room, designed to make you feel fully at ease. My intention is that therapy should be enjoyable as well as effective.