Children and Teenagers

"My daughter was having LOTS of problems at school and just life in general, she was always down in the dumps. I approached Louise to see if she could help. After the first session, I could see changes, her moods were different, she started smiling more. After another couple of sessions she is like a new child. Talking to others and feeling part of the conversation and actually having fun. I have told all my friends how good Louise has been. I would recommend Louise Oliver to anyone that has any problem that can be helped by hypnosis."
AH, Rotherham

General Anxiety and Coping with Conflict

For 60% of my life I have worked in the healthcare profession, 28 years as a registered nurse helping folks.
I've experienced bullying, back-stabbing, empire building at the expense of colleagues and much more soul destroying behaviour that eventually I left the NHS. Many scars left the NHS with me and I carried them like a bitter weight for years after.
A top this we had dreadful boundary disputes between our property and the neighbours that also took its toll.
I tried the CBT offered by the Dr, from a cherub younger than my son. I tried the prescription chemicals. In the end I locked myself away with my bitter resentful weights. Then one day, out of the blue I saw an advert for Louise on Facebook.
I initially dismissed it. But it kept appearing on my wall, day after day almost tapping on the screen.
So I emailed Louise and then she phoned me. Wow!
What an amazing lady with an incredible gift!
We had just six hypnotherapy sessions and I can't begin to describe the positive uplifting effect and safe release of all my spectres Louise provided; my family saw the difference, my workmates did too.
I have most of the old me back!
My confidence is back, I'm calm again, my tolerance for the intolerable has improved no end!
Please, if you feel you need help in any way then you probably do, and don't hesitate like I did. Invest in yourself, you are worth every bit.
Thankyou Louise, from all my family.

Steve, South Yorkshire

Extreme Anxiety 

I first met Louise last year when I was suffering from very bad bouts of anxiety.
Louise helped me make sense of what was happening and the hypnotherapy has helped me move forward, getting my life back on track.
Louise is a lovely lady, very understanding, makes you feel at ease and spends time with you; really listening. Her hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to fit you and I'm so glad that I found her.
I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, she can help.
Michelle, Rotherham

Fear of Heights and Falling

This is Amy. Before a course of hypnotherapy with Louise, she was really scared of heights and of falling in general. Here she is, after treatment, standing on the glass floor of Blackpool Tower! Just a few weeks of treatment can be life changing.

Postnatal Depression

Louise, I just want to say thank you for everything. I have gone from feeling like I was at rock bottom with post natal anxiety and mild depression to feeling pretty much like myself again in less that 5 months and in 6 sessions. I could not have got to where I am now without your help and support. 
Thank you, would recommend you to anyone. J, Rotherham


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​​Anxiety and Panic Attacks​​

​"I was apprehensive about undergoing hypnosis at first. My head was all over the place and really mixed up. Louise soon put me at ease and I could open up about my feelings and then relax so she could progress with the session. We worked together on shaping my treatment and, after a course of six sessions, I have noticed a really big change. I am calmer and more confident and can just deal with life much more easily. The important thing for me was letting Louise take control of my programme without looking for changes or analysing things. The changes just happened!

​Elizabeth, Sheffield